Cool Planet Foundation is the not-for-profit arm of the Fourth Transition Initiative that we, scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs have undertaken to pioneer a radical transformation of how we access and use energy globally – the Fourth Transition.

Cool Planet Foundation is registered in The Netherlands as a Dutch foundation (Stichting) under KvK No.72953632.

We have highlighted elsewhere on this website that present governments, supra-national organisations and mainstream businesses are not equipped and not able to deal with the Climate and Energy Seneca Emergency, neither now nor in the foreseeable future.

Instead it’s up to us, collectively, to make the necessary Fourth Transition happen. “Us” is the 4TW team, plus dozens of other scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs world-wide we progressively get in contact with and who support our Initiative, plus philanthropists and impact investors whose support we seek, plus everyone who is concerned, worried about the present lack of a viable future and want to contribute to making the Fourth Transition happen – absolutely everyone from all walks in life is invited to get involved, as Supporters, even very modest, and as direct contributors as far as they can.

No one else can and will do it for us. At this very late stage in the Energy Seneca dynamic, it is up to us to take matters into our own hands
and create the Fourth Transition so that we, our offsprings and future generations may have a safe and sustainable future, globally.

The Cool Planet Foundation is the means to enable everyone who sees the necessity of a Fourth Transition to take part and contribute. It complements the Fourth Transition Ltd team who carries the ongoing R&D work and the Fourth Transition Wealth Ltd team who takes care of the funding of the industrial implementation of the Fourth transition.

Our aim is to change the energy and climate game in record time over a 20 years period, thanks to the series of technological, business and financial breakthroughs that we at Fourth Transition have accomplished – without relying on governmental action, carbon or other taxes, heavy handed regulations or subsidies.

This is what the Fourth Transition is about:

  • Redesigning how we access and use energy,
  • So that everyone on the Planet may have the energy required to live decently in safe, secure, affordable, profitable and
    sustainable ways,
  • So that we also have the very large amounts of energy needed to tackle all the other ecological, social, health and financial
    challenges that are part of the Energy Seneca

Our aim is to eventually raise up to $2 billion in philanthropic donations and grants to pioneer and speed up the global deployment of the 4th Transition on a Public Benefit basis

Cool Planet Foundation is to fund:

  • Demonstrations projects to show that there is a safe and speedy “Middle Way” that is neither “business-as-usual” (BAU) nor the present, lethal, “renewables” mirage
  • Reference Projects in real life settings, especially in emerging countries to demonstrate what can be achieved
  • Series of projects to trigger the viral uptake of the Fourth Transition on a Public Benefit basis
  • Training of a wide range of people in all Fourth Transition activities
  • R&D in universities and research institutes in all aspects required to further and speed up the Fourth Transition

Get Involved

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Millions of young ones have come to realise that realistically their life expectancy is now less than half that of their parents.

In short, they do not want to be sacrificed by adults eager to keep propping up their obsolete beliefs.

Those millions want action now. They are not getting it… And they will not get it, not from any government or established business. Current elites don’t know how to respond. They have never sought to acquire the knowledge and experience required to understand the Energy Seneca and address it.

Instead, over the last 50 years, a number of us have worked hard to understand what has become the Energy Seneca and have found out how best to address it. We now want to share this experience with everyone to make a Fourth Transition happen.

Please join us, provide whatever support you can, from moral support, through your expertise and skills, to whatever funding, modest or large that you can muster.