Please provide whatever funding, modest or large that you can muster to help making the Fourth Transition happen.

Cool Planet Foundation is registered in The Netherlands under the Stichting regime (KvK No.72953632). All funding is to be transparent. Funding and use of funds will appear publicly on our Accounts page. All funding is on a not-for-profit basis.

All participants making donations will be kept informed of the progress we made on a regular basis and of opportunities of further involvement (e.g. taking part in specific projects) as they arise.

All participants will receive a certificate of contribution and will be entitled to access Fourth Transition energy equipment in priority as they become available in their area of residence. The details concerning this process will be provided once we have carried out the initial demonstrations of Fourth Transitions nGeni technology class and can move towards manufacture with joint venture industrial partners.

Philanthropies, and any party wishing to make large donations or grants, please contact us at:

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